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Mannau Cyfarfod Cymorth i Deithwyr newydd yn gwneud bywyd hyd yn oed yn haws i gwsmeriaid Trafnidiaeth Cymru

20 Dec 2019

Transport for Wales has introduced dedicated Passenger Assist meeting points at Cardiff Central to improve the customer experience for any customers needing help on their journey.

The recognisable meeting points are located in the front concourse at Cardiff Central and in the rear Penarth Road entrance on the south side of the station. They include seating and are designed in a distinctive blue colour, which includes five symbols to represent the main disability sectors.

The meeting points will be used as a point of collection and assistance for all customers who have booked assistance and also for anyone requiring additional support on the day of travel. They follow the introduction of four dedicated Customer Ambassadors at Cardiff Central earlier this year.

Transport for Wales is putting customers at the heart of its decision making and the introduction of these meeting points is expected to make it easier for rail staff to recognise customers who require assistance whilst providing comfort for those who may require seating and extra warmth while waiting.

As Wales’ busiest station, with more than 12 million passenger journeys every year, Cardiff Central is the first to benefit, and over the next three years the program will be rolled out across the network to all staffed stations.

Accessibility and Inclusion Manager for Transport for Wales, Dr Robert Gravelle, said:

“We know just how important it is to be able to travel safely and with confidence and to know you will get the right support throughout your journey.

“So we are delighted to have introduced these dedicated passenger assist meeting points at Cardiff Central.

“They offer a safe and visible location where our staff can meet them and help make their journeys as easy as possible.

“We will now roll this program out across our network as we continue to build an inclusive railway for Wales and the Borders.”

Transport for Wales has a dedicated passenger assistance service and will make every effort to make travelling on the Wales and Borders network as smooth as possible.

Kirsty James, RNIB Campaigns Officer and Guide Dog User said:

“So chuffed to see the passenger assist area at the back of station. Love the signage! Amazing to see progress being made! Thank you TfW.”

To book passenger assistance, please call 03330 050 501 (8am to 8pm everyday, except Christmas Day) And for more information on the support available to you visit: