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Newid prisiau gwasanaeth T1 TrawsCymru

14 Mar 2024

Following a successful 12 months for the all-electric TrawsCymru T1 bus service between Carmarthen and Aberystwyth, Transport for Wales (TfW) has announced a revised fare structure for the T1 route.  

From Sunday 31 March, fares for single-ticket journeys on the T1 that are more than 3km (1.8 miles) will increase by £0.25, bringing them in line with the standardised fare structure in place on the T2, T3 and T10 services.  

This increase will only apply to tickets purchased onboard the bus, meaning customers will be able to purchase the best value fares by downloading the TrawsCymu app

Single-ticket journeys of 3km (1.8 miles) or less that are purchased onboard the bus will remain at just £1.25.   

Our all-day, weekly and four weekly ticket prices will remain the same and continue to provide the best value for money for regular users of the T1 service.  

People using TfW train services from Cardiff to west Wales can also save time and money for journeys towards Aberystwyth by purchasing our combined rail and TrawsCymru T1 ticket

More information on fares is available on the TrawsCymru website.