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Trafnidiaeth Cymru yn arwyddo Addewid Cymru Wrth-Hiliol

03 Nov 2023

CEO James Price has signed the Zero Racism Wales pledge on behalf of Transport for Wales.

James Price Signs Zero Racism Wales pledge-2

Transport for Wales is proud to join other Welsh organisations who have already signed the pledge to stand against racism and help create a safe, valued, and inclusive environment here in Wales.

An action plan has been developed by Welsh Government to set out the concrete steps which will address racial, ethnic and religious intolerance that is systemic and institutional, to deliver real change over the next 10 years.

The pledge states the following–

  • I commit to promoting zero tolerance to racism in Wales, which means that:
  • I will take a stand against racism and promote a more inclusive and equal society for all.
  • I will not tolerate racial prejudice, discrimination, harassment, victimisation, abuse, or violence against any individual.
  • I will stand in solidarity, come together, and say no to racism, in all its forms.
  • I will promote good race relations between people from diverse ethnic backgrounds.
  • I will promote equal and fair opportunities for people from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

James Price Chief Executive Officer at Transport for Wales said:

“At Transport for Wales we value diversity and are creating an inclusive transport network that everyone in Wales can be proud of.

We will stand in solidarity against racism and will continue to strive towards a culture that is diverse and inclusive”

We're proudly supporting Welsh Government in establishing a new working group to encourage more women and underrepresented groups to consider a career in transport.

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