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22 Jul 2022

Craidd Safety Step-Up event

Digwyddiad Diogelwch Camu i Fyny Craidd

Transport for Wales’ Craidd Alliance hosted a Safety Step-Up event on Friday 15 July, which reached out to more than six hundred people from their infrastructure delivery partners and supply chain.

The work to progress the South Wales Metro is increasing at considerable speed, especially across the Core Valley Lines, and it’s now more crucial than ever to ensure the safety of the staff on the network, customers using the services and nearby neighbours.

The event, held at the University of South Wales sports centre in Treforest Estate, involved hard hitting safety conversations, highlighting the need for personal commitment to safety, with the work intensifying on the huge transformation project.

There were key themes of the day, PREDICT risks that people may encounter, PREVENT them from occurring and DON’T WALK BY, all conveyed by eye opening personal testaments and engaging scenarios from Ingnitionpoint! UK.

 Karl Gilmore, Rail Infrastructure Director said: “I’m extremely proud that as an Alliance, we organised such a successful and essential event for all our workers across the Core Valley Lines.

“Throughout the day we heard the personal stories of incidents and close calls from over the years. The stories really open your eyes to the possibility of accidents happening and makes you think about your actions whilst on site, as well as the consequences that could follow.

“As part of our work to deliver Metro, the transformation of these lines requires significant railway track access to complete our engineering works safely, this is done in the form of working under possessions, blockades or at night whilst there are no train services running.

“Seeing the progression of work carried out to date is an astonishing achievement to all those involved, but we need to ensure safety is a key priority and top commitment for each person. This way, we can carry on building the South Wales Metro whilst ensuring our workers, our customers and our lineside neighbours, remain safe at all times.

“Predict and Prevent. Don’t walk by”

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