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TrC yn defnyddio deallusrwydd artiffisial (AI) i wella rhwydwaith bysiau

01 Dec 2022

Transport for Wales has partnered with mobility intelligence company Cityswift to use AI technology to improve the experience for bus passengers in Wales.

TfW are on transformational journey to improve public transport across Wales and encourage more people to use it. The data analysis work with Cityswift has provided TfW with access to new insights and AI-powered runtimes.

Through the data provided, TfW were able to access performance insights for five of Wales’ major bus operators focusing on demand and movement pattern analysis. Using this data, TfW are able to improve bus schedules and punctuality, offering a much more reliable, convenient service for passengers with faster journey times.

Andrew Sherrington, Head of Bus Network and Service Development at TfW said: “CitySwift has given TfW a better holistic understanding of how the network moves. For the first time, we can access detailed punctuality, reliability, and efficiency insights across Wales’ five major bus operators.

“This new intelligence will enable us to work with operators to make the bus a more attractive service for the people of Wales.”

Speaking about the continued success of the partnership, CitySwift’s CEO Brian O'Rourke, said: “CitySwift is thrilled to support Transport for Wales on its mission to deliver safe, sustainable transport options to the people of Wales.

“Using CitySwift’s mobility intelligence to access performance insights, demand data, and revised schedules, the team at Transport for Wales can deliver a more attractive, reliable, and convenient bus service for the people of Wales.”