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Côr Cymreig yn syfrdanu gan ganu ar drenau TrC ar gyfer Cwpan y Byd

16 Nov 2022

Tonna Male Voice Choir surprised those travelling by rail today by singing the Welsh national anthem on a few routes in Wales in support of the Welsh football team.

Over 20 members of the choir, many of them old enough to remember and recall the last World Cup that Wales qualified for (some even claimed they played!), jumped on the train at their local station in Neath.  They then travelled by train and treated passengers in ‘flash mob' style to a rendition of the national anthem.

Armed with a football and a patriotic passion they cheered up passengers and helped spread the World Cup fever that’s starting to engulf the country.  

Following belting out Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau on a couple of rail routes, they ended with a memorable performance at Swansea Railway Station with all those there joining in the celebration.

John Humphreys, Chairman of Tonna Male Voice Choir said: “We love singing and we’ve sung all over the world.  We’re going to head out on the trains, do some singing, surprise people and make them smile.

“I remember the last World Cup, I was fourteen and I watched it with my father on the television.  John Charles played and scored, but then got injured and didn’t play in the quarters.

“We had a wonderful time then, but this time we’re going to go all the way.”   

James Williams, Head of Media for TfW added: “We’ve had a great morning with Tonna Male Voice Choir on our network, they’ve put smiles on people’s faces and celebrated the start of Wales’ first World Cup in 64 years with unique Welsh humour and song.

“Many of the choir recalled tales from the tournament in 1958 and today they spread that ‘spirit of 58’ onto the ‘generation of 22’.  Good luck to the Wales team, we’re all behind you.”

Notes to editors

The video can be downloaded here