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Sut gallwn ni sicrhau bod ein systemau trafnidiaeth yn barod ar gyfer yr heriau sydd o’n blaenau?

14 Nov 2022

Our decisions about public transport in Wales determine much more than where railway lines, cycle paths and bus lanes will be built. They determine how the people of Wales live, work and thrive in their communities. Lack of sustainable transport restricts possibilities and puts our planet in danger.  

The Welsh Government has set out a new way of thinking for the future of transport in Wales. Llwybr Newydd (the Wales Transport Strategy) puts places, people and climate change at the front and centre of our transport system. This is something that we have to do. The climate emergency is one of the biggest defining issues of our time. If we’re going to protect future generations, we need to achieve Net Zero by 2050. 

To do that, we need to change the way we travel. We need a public transport system fit for the future with more people walking, cycling and wheeling across Wales. We’re ensuring that we achieve that level of change not just by building infrastructure and improving services but bringing the people of Wales along with us. We’re designing an integrated transport system that works for everyone. 

We’re more than a train operator. We’re a multimodal organisation firmly focussed on the future, we’re here to make a big impact by working closely with partners to deliver the vision set out by Welsh Government. 

The role of the Transport Planning and Development team is to ensure that there is a strategic overview of the developing transport networks in Wales. Working alongside Welsh Government, Local Authorities and other partners, we’re responsible for developing cases for investment in the transport network so we’re able to deliver the best possible outcome for Wales.  

Our team are creating and examining credible propositions for new transport developments across Wales. They’re based on data and insight and will provide a great integrated experience for our customers and allow people to travel more sustainably. 

We do this by undertaking robust studies around the current barriers to transport that people face. We look for the best solutions that open up a range of job, leisure, business and other opportunities, transforming Wales’ future economic prospects. We rely on local authorities, operators, third sector partners and other stakeholders to share expertise and insights. We also welcome challenges around the proposals to ensure the best possible plans to be put forward for progression.  

We ask the communities that we serve what they think about our proposed works. We give them the opportunity through formal consultations, stakeholder groups and panels to help shape these proposals.  

We champion innovation using best practice from across the industry along with emerging technologies.  We’re planning a future where sustainable travel is the first choice for the people of Wales.  

Our transport system connects people to one another, binds communities together and enables businesses to grow and expand. It’s one of the most powerful and dynamic tools for community cohesion, social justice and inclusive economic growth that we possess. To see this work continue, we know that we must all work together and ensure investment across Wales for a truly integrated transport network that Wales can be proud of.   

As Anthony Foxx (United States Secretary of Transportation from 2013 to 2017) said ‘The reality about transportation is that it's future oriented. If we're planning for what we have, we're behind the curve.’