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Mae diffibrilwyr sy’n achub bywydau wedi cael eu cyflwyno mewn gorsafoedd ar hyd a lled rhwydwaith Trafnidiaeth Cymru

22 Jun 2023

Almost 200 are in place at stations large and small since the programme began in February 2022.

From Fishguard to Holyhead, Neston to Neath, the yellow boxes have been rolled out to play their key role supporting the railway and in local communities.

TfW’s Safety, Sustainability and Risk Director Leyton Powell said: “We’ve been proud to support this investment in our communities which will give those in need a fighting chance.

“These are not just for rail users, they are for everyone and are registered on the national network.

“It’s well worth keeping an eye out for them as you travel round our network so you know where they are and if you do see any damage please do let us know.”

Anyone calling 999 in an emergency will be directed to the nearest registered defibrillator, making it vitally important that they are registered.

All of Transport for Wales’ defibrillators are registered on the British Heart Foundation’s bespoke portal, called The Circuit, in partnership with St John Ambulance, the Resuscitation Council UK and the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives.

However when a defibrillator is used it can go offline, which is why it’s so vital to know when one has been used or vandalised.

If your defibrillator isn’t registered on The Circuit, ambulance services can’t find it when it’s needed most.

So if you know a defibrillator that is not on the network you can help by getting it uploaded to the Circuit in just a few steps: