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Beicio: Ymarferol, mwy iach a mwy gwyrdd

21 Dec 2023

Did you know the average UK driver spends almost four years behind the wheel in their lifetime, with eight months of this waiting in traffic? That’s a lot of time that could be better spent doing the things you love.

Whether you’re travelling to work, to the railway station or the shops, next time you pick up your car keys, take a moment to think whether riding a bike may be the better way to get from A to B. It’s easier thank you think on Wales’ extensive cycle network and it’s also better for your health, and for the planet too. Here’s why.


The National Cycle Network - take the scenic route

Wales is home to some of the most scenic cycling routes in the world. Cycling through parks, along canals and rivers or through scenic woodland is a much better view than when you’re stuck in jam-packed traffic.

Not sure which route to take? Check out the National Cycle Network, a UK and Wales-wide network of paths and routes for walking, wheeling and cycling, getting you where you need to go - car free. You can sort by distance, region and traffic conditions to find the best route for you.

Sustrans’ National Cycle Network

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Cycling means getting active and getting healthier

We all know that keeping fit and healthy is a must. But sometimes it’s hard to find time to be active with a busy lifestyle. It’s recommended that adults take part in 2.5 hours of moderate activity a week (roughly 30 minutes a day). Research indicates that keeping physically active can reduce the risk of heart and circulatory disease by as much as 35%.

An easy way to do this is to cycle to work, or even just for shorter distances which you’d usually travel by car. It’s a simple way to build exercise into your daily routine, allowing you to gain the health benefits of an active lifestyle.

NHS Physical Activity Guidelines



The bike’s good for your mind as well as your body

Exercise like cycling can help lower the body’s levels of the stress hormone cortisol while increasing our endorphins (feel good hormones). Research shows that cycling helps to reduce the stress, with bike commuters having a significantly lower risk of being stressed than non-bike commuters.

Cycling to reduce stress



A sustainable way to travel

The bike’s not only beneficial for us. Sustainable travel such as cycling means fewer car journeys and less planet-warming carbon being emitted into our atmosphere. Fewer cars on our roads also reduces congestion and air pollution while making our communities safer.


Catching the train or bus?

Many of our stations provide secure bicycle storage so you can cycle, instead of driving, to your nearest station. Safely store your bike or bring it on the train as you continue your journey with us.


In short, cycling is better for us and for our planet. It’s a practical, cheap way to travel that’s often quicker than the car during rush hour travel.

Dust off that bike, pump up your tires and don your helmet. Not only are you saving money on parking and petrol, you’re also helping the planet we live on.

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