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5 ffordd i wella'ch taith i'r gwaith

20 Oct 2022

On average, UK drivers spend 115 hours a year stuck in traffic.* Public transport and active travel give us the opportunity to get out from behind the wheel, to take five, learn something new and even catch up with friends on-the-go. Here are some simple ways you can improve your commute and utilise that all-important free time.

(*Inrix - INRIX Global Traffic Scorecard: Congestion cost UK economy £6.9 billion in 2019 - INRIX)

Plan ahead – use the TfW app

Before travelling, be sure to check for the latest updates to ensure a stress-free journey with the quickest route.The TfW app is easy to use and provides you with helpful information and features such as live updates on train times, capacity checker and the ability to store tickets in your wallet.

The free app is availab­­le on the app store and Google Play store.

Utilise active travel


Walking or cycling are both uplifting ways to travel, especially in the morning. Instead of sitting in traffic, start your day by walking or cycling to your local station.

If you wish to take your bike on-board, we have limited first-come-first served cycle spaces. On some services we may ask you to reserve a space in advance when you purchase your ticket.

If you’re looking to park your bike at a station, you can check your local station’s facilities here.


Listen to the TfW podcast – Jest Y Tocyn/Just the Ticket

Just the Ticket podcast

What better time to learn about the running of the rail network than on your daily commute? TfW’s podcast explores a range of topics from station improvements and sustainability to fflecsi services and the Metro project. There are a number of episodes to choose from, each of them around 20 minutes long. You can ask questions and join in with podcast discussions using the hashtag #TfWPod.

Listen to Jest Y Tocyn | Just the ticket here.

Learn something new

Have 30 minutes on your train or bus journey to spare? Turn your commute into an opportunity to learn a new skill by reading a book, listening to a podcast or watching a video. Most of our services offer free wifi, so why not look up that new recipe challenge, watch a video on how to upcycle an old piece of furniture or use an app to learn a new language?

Connect with fellow passengers

A simple ‘hello’ or ‘good morning’ to the person next to you could go a long way and lead to an interesting conversation. After almost two years of feelings of isolation and loneliness, we want to help people to reconnect, starting with the journeys that they make. Instead of adding a social media comment or virtual like, why not connect with those around you?